Steno Diabetes Center North Denmark

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"The mission of Steno Diabetes Center North Denmark is to strengthen the diabetes efforts in Denmark by creating an internationally leading treatment and research environment, and developing digital technology, educational skills, and cross sector collaboration to benefit patients and citizens with diabetes".

Our key activities 


The additional offers of treatment

  • Early diagnosis and intervention in close collaboration with the primary healthcare sector
  • Screening, prevention and treatment of diabetic complications
  • Offers for children and adolescents with diabetes
  • Offers for other target groups such as pregnant women and patients with comorbidities
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives

Research areas in SDCN

  • Diabetic neuropathy (autonomic and peripheral) and diabetic foot
  • Diabetes and bone
  • Diabetic vascular complications
  • Children and adolescents with diabetes
  • Diabetes and technology/data

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Digital Health Diabetes KPI

  • Becoming a pioneer and national knowledge center in digital health and diabetes
  • Digital health strengthens an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to the patient
  • 25% of all treatments is based on digital health and telemedicine
  • Digital health is, if possible, an option in all treatment and prevention programs
  • SDCN creates a leading research environment in digital health and diabetes

Education and development of skills

  • Patients
  • Relatives
  • Healthcare professionals
  • GP and GP staff
  • The patient network

Cross sector collaboration

  • Focus on prevention activities and longer survival with better quality of life for people with diabetes
  • Integrated collaboration with other leading health actors, e.g. 
  • Prevention activities developed across wide-ranging areas of expertise
  • Initiatives to reach the least resourceful members of the Danish society

Network of six Steno Diabetes Centres  


Nationwide coverage


Steno Diabetes Centres will raise the level of care for everyone with diabetes in Denmark and Greenland through:

  • Evidence-based treatment through Denmark’s five administrative regions 
  • Collaboration on research, health promotion and education
  • Access to everyone with diabetes in Denmark and Greenland with opportunities for large cohort studies

5 unique actions plans and hallmarks


  • SDCN North Denmark: Digital Health & Diabetes 
  • SDCC Copenhagen: Skills and education
  • SDCO Odense: Type 2 diabetes
  • SDCA Aarhus: Patient pathways
  • SDCS Zealand: Social inequality & comorbidities
  • SDCG Greenland: Strenghtened national efforts towards diabetes and lifestyle related diseases

Our organizational framework 


  • SDCN is a part of Aalborg University Hospital and The North Denmark Region
  • SDCN is established January 1th 2018 by a donation of 795 mio. Dkr by the Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • The donation covers supplementary treatment, clinical research, digital health, education, cross sector collaboration and constructing and equipping a new SDCN building in 2022
  • The donation has been given to the public healthcare system of Denmark who owns and operates the Steno Diabetes Centres.


  • Improve quality of life and lifespans of diabetes patients.
  • Create a coherent diabetes treatment close to the patient
  • Halt the increase of new onset diabetes


  • Base treatment and prevention of complications at the highest professional level
  • Clinical and interdisciplinary research at international level for the benefit of diabetes patients.
  • Diabetes patients are optimally equipped to handle their own disease and to prevent complications
  • Cross sector collaboration between patients, GPs, communities and the hospitals on the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Contact SDCN 


CEO, Poul Erik Jakobsen



Chief of staff: Charlotte Albeck 



Head of Clinic: Hanne Ravn Larsen



Head of Research, Peter Vestergaard



Digital Health and Diabetes:

Head of Department, Tina Archard Heide




Educational coordinator, Mette Braad



Secretary, Birgit Deleuran



Press inquiries:

Communication consultant, Christian Mehlsen



Secretary, Birgit Deleuran